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Veterans Administration Post Vietnam Study, 1973

This page contains links to content that readers can download or view at their convenience. This is the research report by Dr. Kamran Khan concerning the MERS epidemic.

Potential Spread of MERS

This video from Time Magazine’s article has Steven Brill discussing his findings about the egregious gouging that most hospitals are involved in, forcing under-insured patients into bankruptcy:


January 2013 Featured Article in Homeland Security Today


Homeland Security Today Magazine - January 2013


Non-Federal Healthcare and Homeland Security Readiness White Paper (Backgrounder).

The myths and realities may be an eye opener for some, who expect the system to provide protections as envisioned by a strategy for Homeland Security Healthcare Sector.

Public Health and Healthcare Myths and Realities 2012

Here is a list of earlier blogs from the Examiner, issues remain the same –

Examiner Posts 2009-2010

Here is a copy of Jim Blair’s Resume, as well as some additional information that influemced his early career in Medical Services.

Journal of Healthcare Protection Article: Protect in Place or Evacuate?

Protect in Place JHPM

Journal of Healthcare Protection Article: Medical Drug Diversion

Where are the drugs?

Journal of Healthcare Protection Article: Could Hospitals Cope with Insider Terrorist Threat?

Insider Terrorist Threats

OIG Reports on Readiness (OIG OEI-06-06-00020 and OEI-06-09-00270)

OIG Nursing Homes OIG Nursing Homes -2

Comments  Docket ID FEMA-2008-0017, 14 Jan 2010

 Comments Docket ID FEMA

TJC Whitepaper : Health Care  at the Crossroads

TJC Whitepaper : 2005 Standing Together