Why Don’t Facility Safety and Security Count in Hospital Rankings?

There is a difference between clinical safety and physical safety and this difference is neither understood nor acknowledged by the trade publications that create lists – and run advertisements of- the “Best” hospitals. The lack of Clinical Safety and the shoddy survey methodology make us wonder why they produce the lists in the first place – they…
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How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, 2014 Update: How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally Executive Summary from Mirror, Mirror “The United States health care system is the most expensive in the world, but this report and prior editions consistently show the U.S. underperforms relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance. Among the…
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CMS-3178-P Proposed Rule Official Comments

As All Hazards Readiness consultants we have been following the Proposed Rule CMS-3178-P with interest since it was slipped into the Federal Register during the holiday season (December 27, 2013). Being  a third party that is largely in the middle of the issues between Providers and the Public, we see our role as one that…
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CMS 3178-P Extension

Background: This Proposed CMS Rule was introduced very quietly into the Federal Register on December 27, 2013, right in the middle of the holiday season. We were a little surprised at the timing and knew that these proposed changes would have a major impact on the industry for a couple of reasons: 1)      The timing…
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CDC Dashboard Offers Good Visibility on Flu Trends

One of the themes we have been discussing over the past year is the role of analytics in healthcare to help improve quality, efficiency and outcomes. Visibility has long been lacking in the industry because of the scattered and disparate data, lack of standard collection and reporting formats and deliberate opacity keep mark ups as…
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Why It is Important to Support the New CMS-3178-P Rule

The Life You Save Could be Your Own, or that of Your Loved Ones This is a summary points made in our 2010 book “UNREADY: TO ERR IS HUMAN: The other Neglected Side of Hospital Safety and Security”. Existing national efforts to protect patients from unnecessary death arising from healthcare acquired infections and treatment errors…
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