H1N1, Avian Flu, Swine Flu and other biological threats to public health caused by natural circumstances.


New US Ebola Patient Reported

Just as we felt the Ebola Outbreak was well behind, we were reminded through two stories today: In the first, WHO reported the milestone of 10,000 dead from the outbreak and as seen in thr video below, USA Today announced a new case of Ebola in the United States:    


What is the AHA Doing about All Hazards?

In another example the lack of awareness and attention paid to All Hazards threats in the Healthcare industry, the 2015 Environmental Scan published by the American Hospital Association (AHA), in Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine, and Trustees Magazine, targeted to C-Suite executives and Board Directors, there was no mention of the triple threats of  more…
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Collective Failure of Healthcare Oversight

As we look at the obvious lack of preparedness for this recent outbreak of Ebola and subsequent spread to healthcare workers in the US, we looked back at our coverage on this issue from April this year, and July, and the inevitable spread to the US and wondered why we were so unready to treat the…
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Dallas Hospital “One of the Best” in Texas

In a recent Bloomberg article that was mostly focused on the $1,000 per hour price of treating Ebola, our attention jumped to the rankings section of the article, and we were compelled to comment on the high ratings received by the hospital. “It is ranked the fifth-best hospital in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and 15th-best…
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A good time to visit or re-visit Ethical Considerations for Decisions

On July 1, 2011 the Advisory Committee to the Director, CDC published the “Ethical Considerations for Decision Making Regarding Allocation of Mechanical Ventilators during a Severe Influenza Pandemic or Other Public Health Emergency” an earlier document dealt with vaccines and other priorities. Let’s hope that Ebola does not come to this level of decision making,…
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To Treat and Cure Them, You Must First Keep Them Safe

This is the second in a three part series on how Accreditation in Healthcare has failed to keep us safe from the threats of  more frequent and robust natural disasters, more virulent and drug-resistant biological agents, and increasing levels of man-made violence in healthcare, including active shooters, terrorist threats and workplace violence. The first post…
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