Lessons from Mosul on Evolving Tactics

Small Drones in Urban Combat In the prolonged battle for coalition forces to retake Mosul from the Islamic State, Iraqi forces and US Special Forces operatives are encountering evolving tactics that include drones customized for reconnaissance, situational awareness, and small-scale explosive attacks. According to CBS News,  the consumer-grade flying machines have been raining down explosives…
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US Steps into Leadership Role on Containing Ebola

The United States will take the lead in the international response to the West African Ebola Epidemic with a large-scale operation led by the military to provide logistical, construction, materiel, command and control and operational coordinating functions.  According to a September 16, 2014 White House Press Release the president said: ”So today, I’m announcing a major…
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Taps for Direct Healthcare for Military Retirees: The Slippery Slope

Our latest post discusses the closure of military healthcare facilities and the impact on veterans. Excerpt:Over the next few years you will see the number of military healthcare facilities cut in half. If past is prologue, the military healthcare system will be down-sized to care for the fighting force only. Is there a Commission in your…
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Terrorism at Home: Lessons from Fort Hood

Our last two Examiner posts have dealt with the tragic Ft. Hood domestic terrorist attack: Untold Casualties: Fort Hood Partial List Excerpt: The horrors of the recent slaughter at Fort Hood TX represent only a partial list of military victims of Army psychiatrist Major Nadal Malik Hasan. It is a cruel irony that some of…
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