Safer after Fifteen Years?

Steven Brill’s article in the September Atlantic Monthly “IS AMERICA ANY SAFER? Part V sent me back to my filing cabinet. Coverage of the Dirty Bomb took me back twenty-eight years to President Reagan’s 1988 Executive Order 12656. The end of the COLD WAR was met by most with joy and hope for a less…
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Settling Gitmo Detainees in the U.S., Still Unsettling

The prospect of a movement of Gitmo prisoners to alternate locations in the U. S. has again raised its ugly head, as seen in this article. This action whether based on political or economic interests is one which must be carefully considered. Some years ago I wrote some articles on the dangers associated with such…
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Still Unprepared for Chemical & Biological Events

An article in the latest issue of Homeland Security Today discusses Federal preparedness for a large scale Chemical or Biological event. According to the conclusion of experts: If America were to be beset by a biological or chemical weapons attack, who would be in charge of responding? According to the consensus of the post-9/11 Commission…
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What is the AHA Doing about All Hazards?

In another example the lack of awareness and attention paid to All Hazards threats in the Healthcare industry, the 2015 Environmental Scan published by the American Hospital Association (AHA), in Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine, and Trustees Magazine, targeted to C-Suite executives and Board Directors, there was no mention of the triple threats of  more…
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US Steps into Leadership Role on Containing Ebola

The United States will take the lead in the international response to the West African Ebola Epidemic with a large-scale operation led by the military to provide logistical, construction, materiel, command and control and operational coordinating functions.  According to a September 16, 2014 White House Press Release the president said: ”So today, I’m announcing a major…
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Ignore the Ebola Pandemic at Your Own Risk

We have written several posts about the 2014 outbreak and have been alarmed at the lack of response by the International community to rally and intercept this growing threat. The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is growing at an exponential rate, i.e., on a track that continues to double the total caseload within…
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