Privacy Concerns Trump Security Concerns on Drone Use?

This is the second in a series on the potential for drones or Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) to have a major negative impact on the privacy and security of all citizens in the country. There is little evidence that the private or corporate use of Drones by in the U.S. is seen as a Security…
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New Technology and Old Chemical and Biological Threats

We have a long history of writing and consulting on CBRNE and post-Katrina All Hazards threats in the healthcare environment. We are increasingly concerned about some of the new opportunities that open up as a result of emerging technology. When coupled with the ongoing dangers associated with Chemical and Biological agents, the addition of a…
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NEW BOSTON MASSACRE Part Three: Emergency Management at its Best

The perfect setting, perfect timing, perfect sizing, and perfect response. The City of Boston is and should be proud of its outstanding response to the dreaded “terrorist bomb”.  Nothing said here should take away any of the well-deserved kudos for a response job well done. The alleged bombers appeared to have selected a perfect time…
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A Lucid Article on Terrorist Threats

In this well written blog post, Louis DeAnda described the emerging threats of terrorism, insurgency and organized crime and how they are blending to present a new threat profile that the country should be preparing to address. We like the overall holistic view and development of a framework that demonstrates the thtreats and roles involved…
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GAO-12-925 – Unsecured Nuclear Materials Put All at Risk

It is almost surreal how the world has become a place with so little accountability and so much apathy among those who have a moral responsibility to care for a trusting public. Welcome to Superman’s Bizarro World of the 21st century. This summer I spent the better part of a week on Capitol Hill with…
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Little Progress Protecting Against Dirty Bomb

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a new report on subject materials, GAO-12-512T. This report address a long standing issue of the hazards associated with safety and security of very dangerous radiological materials use in hospitals and research labs across the nation. There is significant concern about the lack of security measures found at these…
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