“Blood irradiators cited as threats to security” Boston Globe, May 12, 2014.

“Blood irradiators cited as threats to security” Boston Globe, May 12, 2014. Old wine in New bottles. We picked this article up from one of our groups. The concern over dangers associated with Medical Use Radioactive Materials (MURM) dates back to the end of the Cold War and concerns that Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)…
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Why CMS-3178-P is Filling an Important Gap in Readiness, Pt. 2

Editor’s Note: As we see the CMS-3178-P Rule find its’ way into the Federal Register, we pulled out a few posts from 2009 that pointed to the need for tighter regulations, especially given the failures in preparation in Joplin and Hurricane Sandy Disasters, to name the most visible. The Spring of 2003 found a loose…
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Public Debate? We will not share Roadside Bomb Technology with the Russians

What a set-up for a double victory for terrorists during the Olympics. We still do not know who started the conversation, but the media has had a sensational story and they took advantage of all the pontificating on both sides. As an old “Cold Warrior” I was startled by this open disclosure which basically states…
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CMS-3178-P – Don’t Count Your Chickens

As of today, only the Federal Healthcare Sector, about 10% of healthcare capacity in the US, is mandated to prepare for All-Hazards events, while the remaining 90% private sector has been expected to prepare voluntarily to meet their roles and responsibilities. Unfortunately, as is evidenced by every major disaster since 9/11, the Public Health and…
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Why It is Important to Support the New CMS-3178-P Rule

The Life You Save Could be Your Own, or that of Your Loved Ones This is a summary points made in our 2010 book “UNREADY: TO ERR IS HUMAN: The other Neglected Side of Hospital Safety and Security”. Existing national efforts to protect patients from unnecessary death arising from healthcare acquired infections and treatment errors…
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US Hospital Ranking Wars: The Beat Goes On…

As mentioned in an earlier post, we will delve a little more deeply into the topic of Hospital Rankings and what purpose they serve, how they are created and whether they can be trusted. We start with an introduction produced by the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), who produced a report on report…
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