CMS-3178-P Proposed Rule Official Comments

As All Hazards Readiness consultants we have been following the Proposed Rule CMS-3178-P with interest since it was slipped into the Federal Register during the holiday season (December 27, 2013). Being  a third party that is largely in the middle of the issues between Providers and the Public, we see our role as one that…
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Revisiting the Drug Shortage Two Years On

We originally published this article in Journal of Healthcare Protection Management, volume 28, #1, in early 2012. Many of the same issues exist today and some have become worse, as noted at the end of the article. Drugs, drugs – who has the drugs? Dr. James Blair, DPA, MHA, FACHE, FABCHS, MCAS  Drug diversion, although…
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Why It is Important to Support the New CMS-3178-P Rule

The Life You Save Could be Your Own, or that of Your Loved Ones This is a summary points made in our 2010 book “UNREADY: TO ERR IS HUMAN: The other Neglected Side of Hospital Safety and Security”. Existing national efforts to protect patients from unnecessary death arising from healthcare acquired infections and treatment errors…
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Last call: The Healthcare Supply Chain Vulnerability

by Jim Rush, contributing Editor Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles we will feature from our good friend, Jim Rush. It was originally published in Big Medicine, a Healthcare Logistics Website. Jim has deep expertise in Healthcare supply chains and logistics based on years of large scale operational experience. We…
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