Has Accreditation Failed to Keep HealthCare Safe?

This is the first of a three post series on the failure of external accreditation mechanisms to make the US Health Care Industry safer. The first post will serve as background and discuss the current state of Clinical Safety, while the next two will discuss All Hazards Natural Disasters and Biological Agents, while the third…
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Why Don’t Facility Safety and Security Count in Hospital Rankings?

There is a difference between clinical safety and physical safety and this difference is neither understood nor acknowledged by the trade publications that create lists – and run advertisements of- the “Best” hospitals. The lack of Clinical Safety and the shoddy survey methodology make us wonder why they produce the lists in the first place – they…
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VA Healthcare – Elephant in the Room – Enter the Enablers

As the VA scandal unfolds and we watch the talking heads go back and forth on how to minimize waiting times and improve continuity of care, the Congress is acting like this is all a big surprise. Watching the CSPAN hearings today and seeing what testimony was encouraged, and what was cut short unceremoniously, particularly…
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An Open Letter to Veteran Services Organizations about VA Healthcare

Veterans Administration Secretary General Shinseki resigned his position Friday after a meeting with the President, according to this Washington Post report, falling on his sword to eliminate distractions as the VA scrambles to fix widespread failures to provide timely care to veterans. With the hindsight of being an old soldier who has been deeply involved…
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Why CMS-3178-P is Filling an Important Gap in Readiness, Pt. 2

Editor’s Note: As we see the CMS-3178-P Rule find its’ way into the Federal Register, we pulled out a few posts from 2009 that pointed to the need for tighter regulations, especially given the failures in preparation in Joplin and Hurricane Sandy Disasters, to name the most visible. The Spring of 2003 found a loose…
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Why It is Important to Support the New CMS-3178-P Rule

The Life You Save Could be Your Own, or that of Your Loved Ones This is a summary points made in our 2010 book “UNREADY: TO ERR IS HUMAN: The other Neglected Side of Hospital Safety and Security”. Existing national efforts to protect patients from unnecessary death arising from healthcare acquired infections and treatment errors…
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