Lessons from Mosul on Evolving Tactics

Small Drones in Urban Combat In the prolonged battle for coalition forces to retake Mosul from the Islamic State, Iraqi forces and US Special Forces operatives are encountering evolving tactics that include drones customized for reconnaissance, situational awareness, and small-scale explosive attacks. According to CBS News,  the consumer-grade flying machines have been raining down explosives…
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Safer after Fifteen Years?

Steven Brill’s article in the September Atlantic Monthly “IS AMERICA ANY SAFER? Part V sent me back to my filing cabinet. Coverage of the Dirty Bomb took me back twenty-eight years to President Reagan’s 1988 Executive Order 12656. The end of the COLD WAR was met by most with joy and hope for a less…
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Ferguson Lessons: Five Questions for Every Hospital Board Member, CXO and Emergency Manager

In the Ferguson, Missouri case of an unarmed black teenager killed by a white police officer, we have seen how quickly tensions can boil over; escalating from a small group of protesters to a full blown riot in the space of a few hours, and even minutes. Politics aside, the first lesson here is that…
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“Blood irradiators cited as threats to security” Boston Globe, May 12, 2014.

“Blood irradiators cited as threats to security” Boston Globe, May 12, 2014. Old wine in New bottles. We picked this article up from one of our groups. The concern over dangers associated with Medical Use Radioactive Materials (MURM) dates back to the end of the Cold War and concerns that Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)…
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Ready for Forensic Mass Casualties?

May 1, 2014 The explosion at the Pensacola, Florida jail and subsequent evacuation of 600 prisoners raises some important questions for Hospital Emergency Management, among them: Do we have surge capacity for mass casualties? Do we have a plan to treat forensic mass casualty patients? Do we have a protocol to keep stakeholders safe? What…
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CMS-3178-P Proposed Rule Official Comments

As All Hazards Readiness consultants we have been following the Proposed Rule CMS-3178-P with interest since it was slipped into the Federal Register during the holiday season (December 27, 2013). Being  a third party that is largely in the middle of the issues between Providers and the Public, we see our role as one that…
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