An Open Letter to Veteran Services Organizations about VA Healthcare

Veterans Administration Secretary General Shinseki resigned his position Friday after a meeting with the President, according to this Washington Post report, falling on his sword to eliminate distractions as the VA scrambles to fix widespread failures to provide timely care to veterans. With the hindsight of being an old soldier who has been deeply involved…
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CDC Dashboard Offers Good Visibility on Flu Trends

One of the themes we have been discussing over the past year is the role of analytics in healthcare to help improve quality, efficiency and outcomes. Visibility has long been lacking in the industry because of the scattered and disparate data, lack of standard collection and reporting formats and deliberate opacity keep mark ups as…
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Hospital Rankings Part Three…

This is the third in a series of posts concerning hospital rankings and comments on how we feel they could be more beneficial to patients while simultaneously reflecting a better view of reality. First, Do No Harm Without being overly nostalgic, we remember a time when the primary objective of medicine was to comfort, treat…
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CMS Data Shows Huge Variability in Pricing by DRG

These interactive chart were created using the end of 2Q 2013 CMS Database. ┬áThe show the volume of procedures by category (DRG) and ┬áState down to the hospital level. Moving through the tabs left to right, drill down on data by selecting state and other variables.   Learn About Tableau  


Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

It is an unfortunate fact many of us will have to face; a time when supervised care of elderly parents and other relatives becomes necessary and a choice has to be made about where they should move to receive Long Term Care. As discussed in our Nursing Home Report Card page, while Assisted Living Facilities…
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US Healthcare Reform Will be Driven by Data

World Bank Health Statistics This is the interactive section; For the full analysis, go here Learn About Tableau