Pyro-terrorism alive and well in recent years of  destructive wildfires?

According to the 2016 National Wildfire Coordinating Groups’ publication “Guide to Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination” that ignition sources are characterized by how they start fires; Electrical reaction, Chemical reaction, and Mechanical reaction. The guide lists Lightening and twenty other causes of forest fires. This article will deal with arson and incendiary devices as…
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Give Them One More Pass?

Of all places in the US, Houston is the one where no excuses can be made for an emergency evacuation due to flooding. Since Hurricane Allison dropped 40 inches on the coastal areas in Texas and Louisiana, there have at least 8 billion-dollar storms and floods to hit southern Texas. In November 2012, Post-Sandy, we…
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Squeezed Between A Rock And A Hard Place

According to Forbes Magazine, the US will face a shortage of between 46,000 and 90,000 physicians by 2025. This fact was predicted in the early 1990’s due to the aging Baby Boomer generation and the high proportion of practicing physicians among the Baby Boomers. Currently, one in four US Physicians is an International Medical Graduate…
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Lessons from Mosul on Evolving Tactics

Small Drones in Urban Combat In the prolonged battle for coalition forces to retake Mosul from the Islamic State, Iraqi forces and US Special Forces operatives are encountering evolving tactics that include drones customized for reconnaissance, situational awareness, and small-scale explosive attacks. According to CBS News,  the consumer-grade flying machines have been raining down explosives…
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CMS 3178 Prepares Us for Events Like Oroville

CMS Compliance In November 2016, the CMS 3178 Final Rule was enacted, requiring CMS-participating Healthcare providers and suppliers to prepare All-Hazards Plans for Emergency Management, Communications, Training, and Exercises on an annual basis. These are required to be implemented at the site level prior to November 2017 in order to remain compliant under CMS Conditions…
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Safer after Fifteen Years?

Steven Brill’s article in the September Atlantic Monthly “IS AMERICA ANY SAFER? Part V sent me back to my filing cabinet. Coverage of the Dirty Bomb took me back twenty-eight years to President Reagan’s 1988 Executive Order 12656. The end of the COLD WAR was met by most with joy and hope for a less…
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