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First and foremost, The Center for HealthCare Emergency Readiness (CHCER – pronounced “CHECKER”) was established to assist healthcare organizations Prepare for, Respond to, Recover from and Mitigate against Natural and Manmade Disasters (All Hazards) and to meet their expected roles within the National Response Framework (NRF) in a post 9/11 World. We offer expert consulting on CBRNE and physical security for the healthcare industry.

CHCER provides design, implementation and assessment services in the following healthcare disciplines:

CMS 3178 Compliance CHCER has been very involved and vocal in the review process as this new rule has been in its’ Congressional comment period. CMS 3178 was finally published in Federal Register last month and brings more rigor into the standards for Emergency Management and Response in health care. According to HHS Assistant Secretary Dr. Nicole Lurie:

“Over the years, we have drawn on lessons learned from disasters and collaborated with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to improve the health care system’s ability to respond to crises, including on the development of a rule modernizing the disaster preparedness of the health care sector nationwide, published today.”

CMS 3178 has been adopted as a rule and has become a mandatory requirement Insurance Coverage (CfC) and Conditions of Participation in Medicare and Medicaid. (CoP). Our assessment team can design, implement and train the teams on site to ensure compliance and life-saving competencies. In addition, CHCER provides

  • All Hazard Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Planning
  • Compliance Gap Analysis and Roadmap (Assessment, Policies & Procedures, Communication Plan, Training and Testing Plan)
  • Incident Command System to include Hospital Incident Command System (NRF,NIPP,HICS)

All-Hazards Readiness – Program Design and Implementation
Healthcare Threats
Today more than ever, healthcare providers need to remain vigilant in the face of the four major threat categories that might disrupt the provision of health care services; more intense and frequent natural disasters, existing and novel threats of biological pandemic, hospitals being seen as “soft targets” for terrorist action and the continuing rise in workplace violence against all stakeholders in the healthcare community, particularly women. We support clients at the Board and Executive levels to develop plans to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from natural and manmade events. Our vulnerability assessments are unique in the industry and based on hands-on field experience ranging from managing combat evacuation hospitals to securing the leading Children’s hospital in the nation. Deliverables include a prioritized roadmap that defines the path to a differentiated level of preparedness. There is a long history of terrorist threats in the healthcare environment and by hospital staff, including in Egypt, Russia, Mumbai, India, the UK, and at the US base Camp Chapman. Safety and Security is an area that is particularly weak in terms of accreditation requirements, making hospitals a very soft target. If safety and security are an important priority for your hospital, please contact us for more information.